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Finance Role

Step Up Ireland is a new progressive non-profit organisation that wants to empower adults with disabilities to set up their own businesses. We want to provide business courses that are tailored to the needs of individuals as led by them.


We are firm believers in inclusion, self-determination, social justice and Equality.


General duties of a board member

  • Comply with the Organisations governing document  
  • Ensuring the organisation is complying with its not for profit purpose for the public benefit  
  • Acting in the best interest of the organisation 
  • Act with Reasonable Care and Skill 
  • Manage the assets of the organisation

The Role: 

Step Up Ireland are seeking an individual with proven knowledge in financial management and accountancy.  

Ideal person will have experience with managing the finances of a charity, non profit, NGO etc

Responsibilities will include the following: 

  • The candidate must be a qualified Accountant, ACA or CIMA qualified. 
  • To have a deep insight into all financial policies and controls and propose any recommendations for change. 
  • To have oversight of compliance and risk management in the organisation.  
  • The Director will be appointed to the Audit, Finance & Governance committee of the organisation. Their role will be to chair the committee and monitor the adequacy of financial controls and procedures and ensure the organisation is compliant with best practice principles.  
  • Have an overview of the finances to advise the Board on financial implications of proposals, cash flow problems etc. 
  • Oversight of compliance and risk management in line with usual board responsibilities. 

Board Meetings: 

There will be a minimum of 8 board meetings a year. Meetings are held in on-line during the COVID restrictions.