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Corporate Leadership Development Placement

Are you a HR professional seeking a new and exciting Leadership Development offering to engage employees?

The LDP is a placement programme where valued employees are placed onto the board of a Not-For-Profit. This skills based volunteering allows participants to gain board experience and new skills while giving back to Society and impacting Communities.

Full Governance Training is offered to all Participants.

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Corporates we have worked with...


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Helen Kelly, Barnardos Ireland


"Joining the Board of Barnardos has been a hugely positive experience for me. This was always about giving myself a new challenge, gaining experience outside Barclays, and giving something back to our society."​

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Maurice Kelly, Sensational Kids,

Kerry Group

"I work as a Senior HR Director in a large multinational company and find that I can bring to the board a range of relevant experience from business planning, resource planning and compliance. It’s been a great learning experience so far and there is huge satisfaction in seeing the results and impact of the work of Sensational Kids."​

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Maria Flannery, World Vision Ireland


"KPMG is clearly the day job, and I love my job, but I’ve been afforded the opportunity to fill the gap in my life that wants to be working with an NGO, helping in some small way, and giving some of my time to a greater cause, with World Vision Ireland. I feel very privileged to be able to do both."​