NEW RESEARCH - Ireland's Not-for-Profit Boards: Catalysts, Challenges and Composition

In 2022, Boardmatch were delighted to partner with Goodbody to co-author a new research report for the Irish charity and not-for-profit sector. Ireland's Not-for-Profit Boards: Catalysts, Challenges and Composition looks into Irish charity boards, who is volunteering as trustees, their motivations and prospective challenges they may face.


The key findings of the research indicated that overall sentiment about being a member of a charity board was very positive with 97% stating it was a good use of their time. Despite overwhelmingly positive sentiment about board participation, some areas of improvement have been identified for NFP boards to consider when reviewing existing processes including:

  • Ways to attract more diverse pools of candidates;

  • What makes onboarding effective for new trustees;

  • What common training gaps exist amongst trustees.


Research Report 2022

Download Ireland's Not-for-Profit Boards: Catalysts, Challenges and Composition

Co-Authored by Goodbody and Boardmatch


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Thank you to our research partners, Goodbody.

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