How to Join a Not-for-Profit Board?

"I’d highly recommend the experience of a not-for-profit board to both stretch yourself and to gain experience in a different business sector."

"I’m very aware of the struggle to shift the dial on female representation on boards – I felt it was the right time and opportunity to get off the fence myself!"

"My love of people, interests in exploring new ventures and desire to maintain skills acquired from many years of studies would be my main drive and reasons for volunteering in trusteeship."

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Who is a Charity Trustee?

"Charity trustees are the people who ultimately exercise control over, and are legally responsible for, the charity." 

Charities Regulator - Ireland's national statutory regulator for charitable organisations

Interested in joining a not-for-profit board? Read about the experiences of those who have already joined a board.

Charity Trustee Casestudies


Top 10 Benefits of Joining a Not-For-Profit Board


- The opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the not-for-profit sector

- 'Play Your Part' in society - giving back is rewarding in itself 

- Create impact - you can make a difference to an organisation and its cause

- It feels good to volunteer - ignite your passion!

- Strengthen and gain new skills

- Adding to board diversity in the sector

- Transfer essential skills from one sector to another

- Develop your leadership skills

- Increase your understanding of the boardroom environment

- Increased network opportunities



Strengthen Your Profile

A strong detailed profile will match you with the right board vacancies




To find the right board vacancy for you, it is important to take some time to think about the different types of Not-For-Profits in Ireland, which appeal to you, and where do you want to have impact in Society.

Ireland has a large and varied Not-For-Profit sector with over 29,000 organisations who operate in many areas; e.g. animals, health, rehabilitation, addiction, children, environment, advocacy, schools, etc.

*On your profile, choose as many areas of the Not-For-Profit interests so you can see relevant board vacancies for you.


The skills section is where you can choose your strengthens, what you feel you can offer a Not-For-Profit board.

Ensure that you only add skills to your profile that you feel you are experienced in and can share your knowledge with the rest of the board.

This will ensure that you will see board vacancies seeking the skills you are offering.


Personal Bio

This is an opportunity to add more detail about yourself outside of a CV. Why do you want to become a trustee? What are your other interests? Do you have personal experience of a service? What do you do in your spare time?

All this information will strengthen your profile when engaging with a Not-For-Profit.

*Your Personal Bio is only visible to Not-For-Profits once you accept their contact request, or apply for a role.