The Leadership Academy & Boardmatch present:

Future Board Leaders 2024

Boardmatch Ireland is delighted to announce the 2nd year of its partnership with The Leadership Academy!

Together we are running this programme to introduce new voices to Irish Charity Boards through a Board Training & Placement Programme. 

The Future Board Leaders Programme focuses on increasing the engagement of traditionally underrepresented voices on boards. As well as training and supporting these voices, we will be actively working with the associated charities to support building their trustee diversity in a supported way. This programme is designed to grow the confidence of these future board leaders and aim to find them a charity board match.


Who are The Leadership Academy? 

The Leadership Academy is a space for leaders from across the nonprofit sector, at all stages in their leadership journey, to come together to learn from and inspire each other. The Leadership Academy provides opportunities to have conversations about the key leadership challenges and to find relevant, cutting-edge leadership development opportunities, networking, training, information and support.


How will it work? 

Boardmatch will use their extensive network and expertise to identify a number of suitable charities looking to make real change to their organisations through diversifying their boards.

The Leadership Academy will begin recruiting people interested in joining a Board as a charity trustee.

We will accept up 20 people on the programme, who will complete accredited governance training over two in-person sessions, and also be offered an opportunity to meet with a charity for a board role. We will work to find a suitable match for all programme candidates, however we cannot guarantee a board placement for all candidates. Charities will register their interest in meeting paired with a candidate and we will work through this group of charities to find any potential matches.

Even if you are not matched, the programme is designed to grow your confidence and prepare you for any subsequent board role.

Who should apply?

For candidates:

  • Would you like to hear different voices represented across Ireland?
  • Do you want to see positive change in your community and society?
  • Are you a keen volunteer? Would you like to be?
  • Would you like to grow your network?
  • Do you want to get experience?
  • Do you want to learn new skills?
  • Do you want to meet new people?

If you fill even one of these criteria, please apply. DO NOT DISQUALIFY YOURSELF. Apply and let the process decide.

For charities and not-for-profits:

In order for Irish charity boards to be fully representative of their communities and stakeholders, boards should embrace an open board recruitment process, welcoming a wide range of prospective candidates. The Future Board Leaders Programme will introduce you to new candidates that you may have not connected with elsewhere. This candidate will be capable, interested in your organisation, and have completed governance training through the programme. 

What's next?

For more information you can download our Future Board Leaders Information pack. If you like what you see, simply fill out one of the short forms below to sign up for more information.

Click HERE if you are a charity or not-for-profit looking for a new trustee

Click HERE if you are interested in applying to join a board as a trustee

And if you want more info you can email Hannah from Boardmatch at, or Sharon from The Leadership Academy at