Not-for-Profit Board Training

It is important to invest in the board with the same efforts and energies as you would invest in paid staff, to provide and offer training to the Board as recommended by the Charities Regulatory Authority Principal 5 .

Boardmatch offers three types for training for Not-For-Profits:

Our Trustee Training, our CEO & Chair Training, and our Bespoke Board Training.


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Support Your Not-For-Profit Board

We help support your Not-For-Profit board with our training offerings.


Trustee Training

Our Trustee Training runs throughout the year. This training is now facilitated online via Zoom.


CEO & Chair, and Art of Chairing Training

We also offer CEO & Chair Training, and the Art of Chairing Training. 


Bespoke In-House Training

Our In-House Training is tailored specifically to your board's needs, and offers your board a chance to work together in a collaborative and confidential environment. This training is currently facilitated online via Zoom.

For further information about any of our training offerings, please contact Hannah Coleman.

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Testimonials from Not-For-Profits who have availed of our trainings


David White, Chairperson, Amnesty International

“Our board found the Boardmatch training extremely value added. Rather than the training be positioned as simply working through foils and governance theory, each topic was approached in a manner which provoked analysis and self-evaluation. We walked away from the training with a number of practical action items to improve our governance.”

Bernard O'Regan, CEO, Western Care

“Western Care Association engaged training for its Board of Directors from Boardmatch.  The Association found that organising the training was very efficient and that it was possible to organise the training on a date and at a time that worked well for the directors, all of whom are voluntary directors with other personal commitments to work around.

The training was excellent, detailing the roles and responsibilities of directors.  The trainer was informed by his own experience, adding value to the content. Western Care will continue to engage with Boardmatch for future training and has no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation.”

Tommy Fegan, Chairperson , CRY Ireland

“The role of the Chairperson in a not-for-profit is a critical one, and this session facilitated chairs from major and smaller NGO to take time out to consider the gravitas of their roles, and how to aspire to best practice. Our facilitator was an experienced practitioner and trainer who ensure we optimized the valuable time we had. Well done to Boardmatch for the timely initiative.”