Board Effectiveness Review

Reviewing a board's effectiveness is a crucial part of Governance. 

Small Not-For-Profits are expected to undertake a board review from time to time and annual reviews for larger Not-for-Profits as recommended by the Charities Regulatory Authority's New Governance Code, Principal 5.

A review is healthy exercise to ensure the board is working as effectively as possible.

Board Skills Audits can be completed as part of a full Board Effectiveness Review or as a stand alone service.


How It Works


Boardmatch will conduct the review ensuring to meet any agreed timelines by the Not-For-Profit.


Initial Meeting with Board Contacts

Boardmatch will meet with you to confirm your expectations and the timeline of the Board Effectiveness Review.

Create & Send Confidential Survey

Once the Board have finalised their chosen questions, Boardmatch will create and circulate the surveys to all board directors.


Collate & Analyse Survey Results

Boardmatch will then collate the survey responses and analyse the data to pinpoint emerging themes.

Recommendations & Benchmarking

Boardmatch will report back our findings to your organisation’s representatives with a clear discussion of your overall performance.


Our Board Effectiveness Review Exercise costs €1,650. We do not charge VAT on our services.

For further information about Board Reviews or Board Skills Audits,  please contact Hannah Coleman.

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Tony McPoland, Chairman & Nominations Committee, LauraLynn

“In line with good corporate governance the LauraLynn Board determined that it would appoint an independent entity to carry out an external Board Effectiveness Review. Our review provided us with the opportunity to benchmark our behaviours, practices and outcomes against a range of other organisations. The review was reassuring in that it helped to identify our strengths and also provided some useful insights and recommendations that we can integrate into our work for the future.

We found the Boardmatch  service was professional and well organised and we would recommend this service to other not-for-profits looking to externally review their board.”

Susan Ryan, Regional Manager, South Leinster Citizens Information Service

“Boardmatch delivered to us a comprehensive independent review of our governance. The report was very informative, understandable and most importantly practical. We found the final feedback meeting between Boardmatch and the board as hugely beneficial.

There was a very open and friendly atmosphere at the meeting, which lead to good discussion between Boardmatch and the trustees. Finally, we now have a practical document that will track our governance improvement targets for the next year. We very much enjoyed the process.”