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Charity Trustee with expertise in HR, Law or Finance

YMCA Dublin are currently recruiting volunteer members to our Board of Directors. We are a charity dedicated to meeting the needs of vulnerable young people through a variety of (education, youth work and family support) programmes in Dublin. These programmes are supported by a mix of State funding and unrestricted incomes generated by our Social enterprises of Sports/Fitness & Childcare.

YMCA Dublin believe everyone should have the opportunity to belong to healthy, confident, secure and connected communities, and we have been working with the community in Dublin since 1849.

Our expertise over the last 170 years means that we are able to:

  • Work inclusively in as many programmes as possible e.g. Childcare, Youth spaces, Family, Community work & existing Gyms. Our intent in being as inclusive as possible is to ensure we do not limit our impact or label services for those only experiencing disadvantage or challenges. We believe that the best way to work is to work with all. Communities are naturally made up of many different people who experience various different challenges and disadvantages at different times in their lives. In working with all we are able to have a stronger impact and develop a community where we aim to nurture mind, body and spirit.


  • Where inclusion is not possible we run specialist targeted services e.g. “One to One” our young people’s mentoring service, specialist youth clubs for young people, specific family work.


  • By working with a social enterprise model we are able to cross subsidise from more profitable to less profitable areas of the association. This enables YMCA to operate community branches in communities that might otherwise not be able to afford it but where there is a need


We intend to expand our Social enterprise incomes in order to meet the increasing needs of our Youth programmes. From Youth work & Education, homelessness and community childcare we are being challenged continuously to expand our services as the need becomes ever more apparent, and we need your help to drive this strategic plan.

Our Board of Directors represent a broad cross-section of professional and vocational workers. Our goal is to strike a balance between the ethos and mission of the YMCA and steering an organisation with Social enterprises. These social enterprises intentionally  generate unrestricted funds for the provision of programmes and opportunities for Dublin's Youth.

As an organisation with a Christian ethos and values base our board members need to be in agreement with this ethos to further the work of the YMCA through Christian social action.

We welcome conversations with anyone with a desire to help us in this push to develop our services. We would particularly welcome the contribution of those with the following skill sets; Law, HR & Finance.

Board Member Expectation:

Term of Office

3-5 years. Elected at Annual General Meeting. Directors may serve a maximum of 8 years. Directors may be appointed by the Board to fill vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting.

Time Requirement:

We require a time commitment of about 60 hours per year, or an average of 2-5  hours per month for board meetings, committee meetings, orientation sessions, and special events, including preparation time. We do most of our work in meetings. We cannot do a good job or meet deadlines without full participation from members.

Board Meetings

The full board meets at least 8 times per year, usually on a Tuesday of each month, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.Schedule of meetings will be supplied by the board secretary on an annual basis.

Sub Committees

Committees meet usually two weeks before the board meeting lasting approximately 1 hour for each committee.  There are three different committees;  ImpactSub Committee, Finance & Risk Sub Committee, Strategy sub committee. Attendance is essential for the committees to do their work

Orientation Sessions

Each new board member will be paired up with another board member who will share their experience and this will act as an orientation onto the board. 

Other Time Requirements

AGM: We hold an Annual General Meeting once a year.

Social Events: We normally have at one or two social events per year where staff, friends of the organization and board members can interact.

Board Retreat: We also hold one board retreat per year which all board members are required to attend. This normally takes place on a Saturday.


YMCA are committed to meeting the governance standards and all board members are expected to fulfill their duties in line with the governance code.

Each Director will be asked to sign up to the code of conduct and each director will be expected to follow this.


Charity Trustee with expertise in HR, Law or Finance

Published on 02.11.2020