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Board Member

Role of a Board Member 

As a Board member you will play a role in setting the strategic direction of The View Magazine ensuring that the organisation lives up to its shared vision, aims, and values. Board members will be responsible collectively for the governance and strategy of  The View.

The Board will help to shape the strategic direction of The View Magazine in line with  the vision and values of the organisation through good governance and effective strategic planning. 

The Board will have 5 members. The process for applying to the board is an open and fair one and we encourage people with lived experience and also people with experience in gender, justice and social investment to apply. The final four  people will be  appointed by the existing management committee, based on the skills and experience needed to make up  a balanced Board that is strong in terms of all its responsibilities. 

In addition, The View Magazine’s Managing Director is a Board member. The MD is appointed through a  process agreed by the Board. 

This is a voluntary role. 


We anticipate the time commitment will be approximately 1/2 day per month engagement and reading, including Board meetings which will usually be held every 4 months. 

Whilst the role is voluntary, reasonable expenses will be reimbursed in line with good  practice in the community and voluntary sector. 


Board members are responsible for ensuring that The View Magazine :

  • Develops, implements and reviews effective governance structures and procedures;
  • Remains continuously able to discharge its duties and responsibilities as set out in  its vision and  values statement.
  • Recruits, supports and retains Board members who have the necessary skills to be  effective in their roles and who collectively are representative of the stakeholders of The View Magazine; 
  • Behaves with the utmost transparency and responsiveness at all times and is  accountable to the stakeholders and beneficiary communities  and reports to its  and stakeholders, and The View Magazine.
  • Builds and maintains effective relationships with all our stakeholders and beneficiary communities for local overview and scrutiny  arrangements; and 
  • Acts in the best interests with regard to the beneficiary community at all times and having  regard to securing the best use of resources available. 

All  board members will be directors of The View Magazine as a social enterprise limited by Guarantee.They will have a responsibility for acting in line with all relevant statutory requirements. 


Key tasks: 

  • Strive to attend all Board meetings and be an active participant in discussions and  activity. 


  • Take part in the Board’s business in an efficient and effective manner, including          through a framework of delegation and systems of internal control that also enable  the work of The View  to be carried on effectively between meetings of the Board. 


  • Attend meetings as a representative of The View Board, acting as an  ambassador and promoting its work throughout the community. 


  • Follow appropriate standards of behaviour in line with an agreed code of conduct.


  • Ensure the impact and outcomes of the work undertaken by The View  are widely reported, to include an Annual Report and Accounts, highlighting  priorities and progress and key issues. 


  • Help to build good relationships in the spirit of partnership with other stakeholders.


  • Feedback on work to the wider community through publicity and public meetings  and events. 


  • Avoid conflicts of interest where possible or ensure conflicts are declared in line  with the arrangements laid out in the governance framework. 


  • Work closely with The View MD  to maintain  effective working relationships. 


  • Work towards fulfilling the contractual duties of  The View. 


  • Act jointly - exercising no powers alone unless specifically delegated to do so by the  Board. 


  • Prepare for Board meetings by reading the agenda, minutes and any other papers  in advance of the meeting. 


  • Fulfil any responsibilities assigned to you at the meeting and be prepared to report  back on your progress at the next meeting. 


  • Fulfil all legal responsibilities as a Company Director. 

Person specification 

The following attributes are required of the Board: 

  • Experience of organisations that operate for the benefit of communities; 
  • Experience of working with public and/or community organisations;
  • Experience of building and developing successful partnerships, alliances and  working relationships with a range of organisations and stakeholders;
  • An active commitment to diversity. 
  • Good judgement and independence of mind. 

Skills and Abilities 

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, able to liaise effectively with a wide  range of stakeholders and audiences. 
  • Ability to work collectively as part of a group. 
  • Ability to engage in constructive debate and dialogue, rather than confrontation.

Knowledge and experience 

  • Understanding of health, justice , gender, social care and/or wellbeing policy issues.
  • Experience of, or good understanding of, working with customer focused  organisations and a commitment to high standards of customer care.
  • Experience as a member of a management board, committee or senior  management team. 
  • A willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills relevant to the role


Personal behaviour and style 

  • Passionate about promoting better outcomes in justice,  health and social care for all. 
  • Proactively demonstrates strong commitment to equality and diversity. 
  • A style that motivates people to work together and to deliver their best.
  • Open to learning and development, for self, staff and the Board. 
  • Time and commitment to effectively discharge the responsibilities of the post.


Eligibility criteria 

In order to be considered for the role of The View Magazine Board member, you must be aged 18  or older and either: 

  • resident in the UK or Ireland.


However, the following exceptions apply: 

  • People who are the subject of an undischarged bankruptcy restrictions order or  interim order. 
  • Anyone who has been dismissed from paid employment within the last 2 years due  to misconduct (without being reinstated) where that dismissal has not been the  subject of a finding of unfair dismissal by a tribunal or court. 
  • Anyone who is under a disqualification order.
  • Anyone who has been removed from trusteeship of a charity within the last 5 years  or is not currently eligible to be a trustee of a charity.
  • Someone who has been or is convicted of a serious criminal offence (in particular  any offence involving dishonesty or any other in relation to promotion, formation,  management or liquidation of a company). 
  • Anyone whom The View Board has judged as failing to comply with our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interests guidelines, unless  this failure has been resolved to the Board’s complete satisfaction.  
  • Anyone who is not capable of managing their own affairs. 

People who match one of the following descriptions may be eligible for election or  appointment to the Board, however potential conflicts of interest will need to be carefully  managed: 

  • Someone who is employed in a senior management capacity by the  Ministry of Justice / Dept of Justice or an organisation contracted to deliver justice,  health or social care  services in England or in Ireland. 
  • Anyone who is an HSE / Dept of Justice / NHS / MoJ/ Home Office  Non-Executive Director, company director or partner in an  organisation providing justice,  health or social care services in England or in Ireland.


DBS (criminal record) checks may be required for the Chair and Board members. If these  raise issues about suitability, they may be taken into account when deciding whether to  confirm an appointment. 

Note that the Chair or any Board member may be dismissed if they fail to declare  circumstances which make them ineligible to be on the Board and these subsequently  come to light. 

Term of Office 

Board members will normally serve a period of two years and may be eligible to serve  again at the end of that period. 

The initial Board to be elected/appointed during the autumn / winter of 2021.