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Trustees (various skill-sets)

To ensure the HR functions of the organisation are conducted within legal requirements and best practice. To provide guidance and support to ensure the highest standards of Governance in Policies and Practice related to recruitment, retention, performance and reward as well as staff and trustee development

To ensure the Board of Trustees understands and fulfils its responsibilities in relation to HR

To support the Projects Manager and team in developing HR strategy for the organisation with objectives which can be monitored

To ensure that HR activities and interventions are linked to Donegal Horizons CLG's charitable objectives, are legal and fit the culture of the organisation

To provide appropriate support and advice to the Trustees, Projects Manager and Senior Management team on arising HR issues

To ensure the Trustee Board monitors and reviews the performance of the charity’s senior Management Team, and identifies appropriate development opportunities

To ensure the Charity monitors the performance of all team members through an appropriate organisational structure/reporting mechanism with potential issues identified early and resolution sought

To have connections to useful individuals or organisations to assist in partnership working and Community inclusion for the client group

To have experience of working within the voluntary sector

To have experience of developing, delivering and monitoring the strategy of an organisation

To have experience of developing/nurturing  a positive organisational culture

To be able to contribute to scrutiny of financial information, understand accounts and budgets and provide guidance on same as required

To have a good understanding of the legal duties of Trustees and best practice in Governance relating to all legal matters and an affinity for the requirements of professionalism, confidentiality and general Board etiquette.

Trustees (various skill-sets)

Published on 01.08.2022

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