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Trustee with Stakeholder Engagement and Lobbying Experience

We in Tri-Factor have completed a number of successful 'Go the Distance' Programmes in cooperation with our fabulous participants. The results generated to date demonstrate material improvements in metabolic health, a reduction in the risk of diabetes and improvments in current mental health functioning. Participants also experience a reduction in social marginalisation and a greater desire to function more effectively in the community.

It's all very positive stuff and we want to do a lot more of this work. The problem we have is to do with the cost of the programme to potential costs. Those who most need our programmes are least likely to be able to afford it, as often they are unemployed or working in low income jobs.

The mission of Tri-Factor is to find ways to make our programmes more affordable to these key stakeholders - and we believe that this means that we need to engage with bodies such as the HSE,  insurance companies etc and collaborate with them on referrals, co-payments, finance etc.

And this is where you would come in - we need somebody who has experience engaging with bodies such as these, who knows what information they will need from us as part of a successful engagement.

Trustee with Stakeholder Engagement and Lobbying Experience

Published on 25.06.2020