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Trustee with clinical expertise or allied health professional

 The Organisation

Governance and Management

Cáirdeas Centre (Ltd) is a voluntary community-based organisation governed by a non-executive Board of Directors and Trustees. All services are overseen by a general manager who reports directly to the Board. Cáirdeas Centre Ltd. has a dedicated board membership who has worked with the agency from the commencement of the service in 2003. However due to several retirements there is a need to replace some board trustees and also introduce new skills and knowledge to the Board to assist with taking the agency forward in the coming years. 

The Charities Regulator Governance Code

As part of this change process, Cáirdeas Centre Ltd. is currently undergoing a governance review to ensure full compliance with the Charities Governance Code. This review will ensure that existing and new board members will be fully supported in their role and be able to support the agency to implement the necessary changes and take the agency forward.


Cáirdeas Centre is grant funded under Section 39 of the Health Act 2004 and receives the majority of it's  funding from the HSE.

Mission, Vision and Values

“We in the Cáirdeas Centre value the uniqueness and respect the right of each person in our community.  Through partnership we actively promote choice and independence, enabling people to gain fulfillment in their lives”.


  • Belonging in a variety of relationships and memberships. 
  • Being respected for your history, gifts, and abilities genuinely expressed through having a range of valued social roles. 
  • Sharing ordinary places with other citizens in living, working, learning, and playing together in everyday community settings. 
  • Contributing your personal gifts to make a positive difference to others. 
  • Choosing and having control over your own life in matters small and large and gaining wisdom over time and through experiences for future decisions

 The Service

The Cáirdeas Centre provides a 5-day service to 35 participants with a primary disability of intellectual disability. Some people also have other complex health conditions.  There are various opportunities available to people with varying levels of support offered and include:


  • Advocacy Supports and Personal Development
  • Opportunities to build social networks and building real friendships
  • Employment opportunities
  • Leisure and recreation opportunities

The future of Cáirdeas Centre

Cáirdeas Centre Ltd. has been in operation since 2003, providing day activities to 35 people within the locality of Tullow Town in County Carlow. Taking into consideration changes within the internal and external environment it is timely for the agency to consider how future services can be developed.

Services for people with disabilities have changed significantly in recent years, where organisations now work from a human rights perspective and facilitate people to avail of individualised services with access to meaningful activity and community inclusion based on their needs and preferences. This shift to individualised services is welcome but brings with its complexities when attempting to meet the needs of vulnerable adults in a timely, professional and sensitive manner.

Taking into consideration these challenges, we would like to seek new members to join our current board  who have particular expertise and can support the Board of  the Cáirdeas Centre  to support and further develop services to meet the emerging and changing needs of the people availing of Cáirdeas Services. 

 The Role
Cáirdeas Centre Ltd. is seeking a trustee with a clinical background (medical or allied health professional).

Duties will include:

Act as advisory member on clinical goverance within the organisation

Advise on  policy development and review in the area of health promotion  

Support the board to further develop services to meet the changing needs of the people availing of services


Trustee with clinical expertise or allied health professional

Published on 02.09.2019