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Neighbourhood Network is an Irish not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote social inclusion, tackle loneliness and build supportive and resilient neighbourhoods around Ireland. Our work creates communities of empowered people, with a strong sense of local identity, and builds empathy and understanding between neighbours. 

We believe that building connections between neighbours increases the strength of the community overall and leads to more inclusive, healthier and happier communities.

We are seeking board members who resonate with this vision to help us guide and grow the organisation. In particular, we are seeking to recruit a number of non-executive directors to the board with background and professional experience in HR, Legal, Business Development and as Treasurer.

The successful candidates will have experience working in a similar role, either in a commercial organisation or another charity.

Expectations of all Board members include:

  • An understanding, appreciation of and commitment to Neighbourhood Network’s vision, mission and values.
  • To provide input to the strategic direction of the organisation.
  • To inform, with expertise and experience, the organisation’s formation.
  • To act as a trusted advisor to the CEO and Board members.
  • To comply with the organisation’s governing document.
  • Possible membership of a Sub-Committee of the Board.

Shared responsibilities of all board members include:

  • Ensuring the organisation is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit  
  • Acting in the best interest of the organisation
  • Acting with reasonable care and skill 
  • Overseeing the management of the assets of the organisation
  • Commitment to all legal and fiduciary responsibilities, ensuring compliance with statutory obligations and ensuring best practice in corporate governance.
  • All Board members are expected to have a working knowledge of the voluntary sector in Ireland and be familiar with corporate governance requirements and legislation, such as the Charities Act 2009, the Charities Governance Code and Reporting in 2021, and the GDPR 2018.
  • Board members are expected to participate in advocacy in the best interests of the organisation and protecting and promoting the reputation of Neighbourhood Network.
  • Board members will always contribute to the achievement of the organisation’s goals while practicing the highest standards of corporate governance.
  • Board members should be honest, fair, and independent.

Board meetings:

  • The Board meets monthly, 11 times per year on Mondays, Via Zoom, for 1.5 hours.
  • The time commitment is 1-2 hours a week with monthly meetings. The term of office is 1-2 years with the ability to renew for further terms.
  • AGM held in April in Dublin or via Zoom.

Remuneration: This is a voluntary role.

Role specific responsibilities

The Specific responsibilities of this role are;

  • Overseeing the effective financial management of the organisation
  • Working with the CEO to provide the annual budget
  • Ensuring development and Board review of the financial policies and procedures
  • Working with the Auditor to produce the Annual Accounts, for discussion and approval in the first instance by the Board and subsequently by the AGM
  • Responsible to the Board for the discharge of its obligations in relation to accounts.

A candidate for Treasurer should have:

  • The financial skills, knowledge and experience to oversee finances and carry out the other duties of Treasurer below. This will include a thorough knowledge of financial management;
  • The ability to participate in strategic and management decisions at Board level and provide financial advice;
  • An understanding of the needs and working of a small non-profit.
  • The ability to commit to the time necessary to carry out the role effectively. This is likely to be on average 4 hours a month, including meetings with the director, reporting to Board meetings and the other duties in the role description, but may increase at certain times in response to particular pressures.

It would also be desirable to have:

  • Experience of managing the finances of a small non-profit similar to Neighbourhood Network as Treasurer or financial manager, though not essential;
  • Knowledge of the work of Irish Non-profit sector. 


Candidates interested in being considered for these vacancies should send their CV and a cover letter (of no more than one page) explaining why they would like to put themselves forward specifically for this role.

All applicants must confirm that they do not have any conflicts of interest or legal impediments which would be likely to interfere with their ability to play a full part on the board.  In addition, they must also confirm that they can make themselves available to attend meetings and to carry out the duties of a board member. Letters should also provide the names of two referees who may be contacted as part of the selection process.


About Neighbourhood Network

Street Feast CLG (T/A Neighbourhood Network) is an Irish not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote social inclusion, tackle loneliness and build supportive and resilient neighbourhoods around Ireland. Our work creates communities of empowered people, with a strong sense of local identity, and builds empathy and understanding between neighbours.

We are a young organisation that is building from the work of early social entrepreneurial pioneers. We are committed to achieving a high standard of organisational governance. 

In 2021 the organisation focused on building strong foundations towards adopting the Charities Governance Code and we expect that 2022 will see significant progress in this area. The work was begun in building a values-based board and creating the systems, policies and structures essential for a vibrant organisation with high safety and compliance standards. Neighbourhood Network operates under the legal entity of Street Feast CLG (company register number 622674, Registered Charity: Pending).

Our year culminates with the national day of street lunches and community celebrations called ‘Street Feast’ that each year brings together over 110,000 people in 1,150 communities, through the simple act of sharing a meal with their neighbours. Since Street Feast began 10 years ago, we have seen a total of 5,563 Street Feasts take place across Ireland. President Michael D Higgins is our patron.

In 2021 we continued to expand our vision and mission and developed a range of dynamic community development programmes.

For more information about the organisation, visit