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Non-Executive Director (Treasurer)

Cherry Orchard Equine Centre CLG is a registered charity involved in the delivery of a range of youth services and supports in the Cherry Orchard area of west Dublin.

We are currently looking for a dynamic, committed person with a passion for youth issues and a keen knowledge of NGO finance (or a willingness to quickly become knowledgeable) to join our Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director and Treasurer.

As a key member of our Board, you will be involved in high-level decision making for a vibrant and exciting charity with a strong principled ethos. If you have an interest in improving the lives of young people and their families, and/or the equine industry, and want to work with a professional, goals-driven Board to help make that happen, then we’d love to hear from you.

You can find more information on the specific skills we’re looking as well as how and when to apply below. Note that the successful applicant will receive a structured onboarding, to ensure they can begin their role with a working knowledge of the company’s financial affairs and obligations.

Role Title: Non-Executive Director/member and Treasurer, Board of Directors

Accountable to: The Chairperson, Board of Directors,

Status: Voluntary Role

Committee Membership: Chairpersonship of the Finance and Internal Audit Sub-committee

Purpose of Role:

Cherry Orchard Equine Centre CLG is seeking to appoint an energetic and experienced person to the role of Non-Executive Director and Treasurer. Potential candidates should have a background in finance and/or accounting in order to be able to demonstrate high performance in the role. Any potential candidate should also believe in the power of young people to make decisions for themselves and subscribe to our organisational values. Ideally the candidate should have a professional accountancy qualification.


  • Members of the Board of Directors are accountable for ensuring the company meets its legal and regulatory obligations, and for the overall performance of the organisation.
  • Each Director is an equal member of the Board and has the same responsibility as the other Directors to ensure the provision of adequate financial and human resources for the success of the organisation.
  • Non-Executive Directors provide appropriate oversight, scrutiny, challenge and leadership to the CEO in the pursuit of their aim to provide an effective and high quality service.
  • Non-Executive Directors have a particular role in scrutinising the performance of the executive team in meeting agreed goals and objectives, and in monitoring the reporting of performance.
  • The Company Treasurer has a particular responsibility regarding the financial administration of the organisation, and acts as the Chair of the Finance and Audit Sub-committee of the Board of Directors.
  • The Company Treasurer will be required to review and sign off on official documents relating to the organisation’s finances on a regular basis.


As a Treasurer, you are required to act as the Chair of the Finance and Audit Sub-committee of the Board, ensuring the Committee achieves its stated aims:

  • To work closely with the Head of Accounts and the Chief Executive Officer on all matters relating to finances.
  • To monitor the financial activities, controls and budgets of the organisation and to advise the Board regarding findings.
  • To monitor systems for appropriate fiscal accountability and accuracy and to make recommendations as per best practice.
  • To recommend and monitor the annual budget.
  • To oversee and approve the terms and effectiveness of the annual audit and any other internal or external audits as may be judged necessary, and to make recommendations to the Board as to the appointment, pay and conditions of the external auditor.
  • To ensure that there are arrangements in place by which staff of the organisation may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting or other matters.


As a member of the Board, you are required to:

  • Ensure that the organisation complies with the conditions of its Charitable Status, the Company Constitution and all relevant codes, legislation and regulations.
  • Promote the highest standards of corporate governance in compliance with Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland, as well as any other regulatory requirements and best practice where appropriate.
  • Assess the quality and the integrity of financial, risk-management and all other information presented to the Board.
  • Ensure that financial controls and systems of risk management and governance are robust and implemented.


As a member of the Board, you are required to:

  • Uphold the highest standards of integrity and probity, at a minimum fully subscribing to and honouring the terms of the Board Code of Conduct and Fiduciary Duties of Board Members.
  • Safeguard the good name and reputation of the organisation.
  • Act as a trustee of charitable funds.


The successful candidate will have a proven track record of leadership, management and personal achievement in financial matters and possess most or all of the following:

Essential Experience and Skills

  • Highly credible with experience of operating at senior level within a for profit, public sector or nonprofit organisation;
  • Senior executive or non-executive experience in finance;
  • Experience of operating in a regulated environment;
  • A portfolio of high level organisational skills including such things as strategic planning, organisational performance management and service delivery and development;
  • Politically astute – able to grasp relevant issues underpinned by an understanding of developing partnerships and building relationships with other organisations.

Desirable Experience

  • Knowledge of the youth sector, equine industry and/or community and voluntary sector.

Personal Qualities

  • Strong financial and business acumen and the ability to understand complex financial issues and risk quickly;
  • An enquiring mind, with the confidence to challenge constructively;
  • Recognise the importance of supporting collective decisions and of balancing challenge with assurance and support;
  • Strong communication and listening skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills - calm under pressure, able to challenge in a constructive manner, develop creative solutions, manage a wide variety of situations in a meeting and ensure that the outcomes are in the best interest of the organisation;
  • Commitment to and interest in young people as well as a desire to contribute to the youth sector and the values and principles of Cherry Orchard Equine Centre CLG;
  • Fully supportive of equality and diversity.


You must have sufficient time and commitment to fulfil the role which may require up to 4 hours per month in order to prepare for and attend:

  • Scheduled Board meetings (approximately six per annum usually day time);
  • Schedule Finance and Internal Audit subcommittee meetings (approximately six per annum usually evening time)
  • The Annual General Meeting;
  • Training and seminars;
  • Meetings and calls relating to the work of the Finance and Audit sub-committee as necessary;
  • Additional board sub-committee meetings which require Non-Executive Director representation;
  • Some additional hours as needed in the course of the annual cycle in order to fully support the Board agenda.