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VOLUNTARY CHAIRPERSON & Committee Chairperson


Sit on boards, work closely with the CEO/FOUNDER and lead the board of directors, support the management and committees

@Adcenter we Clearly see this is an important role. You can think of the vice-chair as the future of the nonprofit. As a nonprofit board officer you are prepared to perform the following duties.

  • Work closely with the Board Secretary & Treasurer, plus our CEO / Founders
  • Create meeting agendas and chair Board meetings
  • Assist with the annual audit
  • Assist an innovative growing organization in achieving continued and greater success
  • Work with Board Secretary to steer the legal integrity of the organization
  • Work with Board Treasurer ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained; liaise with the CRO (Companies Registration Office) and the CRA (Charity Regulatory Authority) on the process of registration
  • Overseeing and approving the overall Adcenter Business Plan and Business Strategy
  • Prepares to assume the office of the board chair
  • Assists the board in the execution of his or her duties
  • Serves on committees as requested to learn the operations of the board
  • Works closely with the board to transfer knowledge and history to prepare for leadership

We will support you as needed all through. As with any job, one of the necessary components for success is clear expectations. Clearly, no one can do a good job at their role if they don’t know what it is. By providing a clear definition of nonprofit board officer roles, you make sure the right people are in the right positions.

VOLUNTARY CHAIRPERSON & Committee Chairperson

Published on 01.12.2022

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