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Director with experience in Education

Feach has recently registered with the CRO and this will be a brand new "start up" board. Prior to this, Feach was run for several years as a totally voluntary organisation made up of parents of blind & visually impaired children. Our focus is equality in access to education. We have a very active and engaged committee that meets on a bi-monthly basis during the school year. We are primarily a support group, however, as a result of shortcomings in the services available to our children, we have been involved in lobbying varying Government agencies on their behalf.

General Trustee duties of a Charity Trustee:

• Comply with the Charity’s governing document

• Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit

• Acting in the best interest of the charity

• Act with Reasonable Care and Skill

• Manage the assets of your charity

Feach is seeking an individual with with experience in the education sector. 

Responsibilities include the following:

• Inputting to the strategic direction, contributing with insight, oversight, and experience of strategy formulation in other sectors.

  • Assist with the creation of an access to education strategy that will include a Handbook for educators on best practices

• Assist with the creation of strategic plans which will comply with current legislation and practice

Desirable skills

• A principal or retired/ex principal

  • A teacher or retired/ex teacher
  • A learning resource teacher or retired/ex learning resource teacher

Essential Skills/Qualities required for these roles:

• A deep appreciation and knowledge of the Community & Voluntary sector

  • An understanding of the education system 

• An understanding of and commitment to our mission and values

• Commitment to highest levels of corporate governance

Note: Expertise in visual impairment is NOT a requirement for this role.

Board Meetings: There will be 4 board meetings annually. Meetings are held via Zoom. 

Director with experience in Education

Published on 09.09.2021

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