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Board Director: North Connacht & Ulster MABS

The Board of North Connacht & Ulster Money Advice & Budgeting Service CLG invites expressions of interest for appointment as a Director for the North Connacht & Ulster Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS) Region which includes Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo and Monaghan.
These are voluntary Regional Boards of Management and as a result no fees are paid to Regional Board members. Travel and subsistence expenses will be paid to members where applicable.

There will be approximately 10 meetings per annum, plus attendance at sub-committee meetings, as required. Together with preparatory reading for meetings and follow up activities and information analysis, the total commitment could be up to 10 - 15 hours per month.

Each Director of a Board shall be appointed to serve for a term of up to three years and may only serve for a maximum of two terms either consecutively or cumulatively.

Person Specification

Fundamental to the role of being a Board Member of the Money Advice & Budgeting Service is the understanding of the values and importance of serving local communities and having Governance experience and expertise.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:
· The capacity to understand the environment in which the Money Advice & Budgeting Service operates;

· The ability to take a broad future-focused perspective on the development of the
organisation and its services;

· A strong sense of ethics and integrity together with a clear understanding of good
governance practices;

· Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;

· The ability to work effectively with others as part of a team and act to avoid or address
any conflict which may arise, with a track record of working closely with others in order
to achieve a common goal;

· The ability to critically analyse information, constructively challenge the opinions of
others, work to a shared consensus and accept collective responsibility for Board

· The ability to understand board level financial data, together with an appreciation of
budgeting and sound financial management practices in relation to the significant
state funding received from the CIB.

Specifically, candidates must demonstrate experience in one or more of the following areas:

· Experience in citizen centered activities, or community based engagement
or activism on behalf of citizens;

· Experience in the development and/or implementation of social policy in the
community/voluntary sector;

• Experience in corporate governance and compliance and applying best practice in the governance of a community, voluntary or charitable organisation;

· Experience of information and communications technology relevant to the role of MABS;

· Experience in accountancy, audit, or corporate finance;

· Experience in Human Resources at a senior level (employment law, industrial relations, pensions and organisational development);

· Experience at a senior leadership level in the Financial sector;

· Experience in procurement policy and procedures;

· Experience in communications, marketing and media/public relations.

Having considered the general suitability criteria for membership of the Regional Board, you should consider carefully how your background and experience fits with the specific appointment criteria set out in the Person Specification above. Please give careful consideration to the possibility of any potential conflict of interest that may arise if appointed to this Regional Board.

Successful applicants to the Regional Board will be provided with induction training as appropriate.

How to apply:

Once we receive your expression of interest, we will e-mail you an application form and further details.


• No person shall be eligible to be a Board member of North Connacht & Ulster Money Advice & Budgeting Service CLG if he/she is an employee of a CIS or MABS company, or is an employee or board member of the funder.

Board Director: North Connacht & Ulster MABS

Published on 16.05.2024

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