The SCOOP Foundation

The SCOOP Foundation

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SCOOP is an Irish NGO supporting grass root organisations who are facing humanities worst problems and crisis today.
Whether it is doctors saving lives in war zones, mental health programmes in camps for IDPs or school builds for free education for street children, through music, art and events we raise vital funds for those who strive to make the world a better place.

Created by Irish brothers Calvin & Andy in 2009, SCOOP began with building a small school for impoverished children in Cambodia. Since then, we have supported humanitarian and educational projects in Syria, India, Iraq, Yemen & Kenya. Get involved today so we can keep helping those who we need it most, and reach more.

In 2020 we have plans to open up a social enterprise in Dublin to help train up young people leaving care ready for entry level positions in kitchens in top Dublin restaurants and hotels, with the aim of steering them away from the high possibility of becoming homeless.

Abroad, we want to bring IT and online mentoring to young people living in displacement camps in the Middle East.

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Number of paid employees: 
1-5 employees
Current board size: 
Annual turnover: 
€100,000 - €250,000
Not-for-Profit focus: 
Civil and Human Rights, International Development, Poverty Relief, Voluntary Work



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