Improvised Music Company

Improvised Music Company
68 Dame Street
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Not-For-Profit Information

Improvised Music Company (IMC) is a not-for-profit, Arts Council funded resource for Irish musicians, and a specialist music promoter for jazz, improvised and ethnic music in Ireland. We produce 3 festivals annually, as well as regular intimate and large scale concerts of Irish and international jazz, experimental and world music artists. We also work closely with the Irish jazz community to develop the scene and assist musicians with their careers and ambitions. 

Our History
Improvised Music Company (IMC) was founded by Irish jazz musicians and supporters in 1991. Today, we’re Ireland’s largest specialist music producer, with hands-on involvement in many aspects of music making throughout the island, from festival programming, concert promotion, touring, education and audience development.

Our Festivals
12 Points - A pan-European award winning showcase festival featuring 12 of the of the best emerging European jazz talent which alternates between Dublin and other host cities across the EU.

SPECTRUM - an annual weekend festival of stimulating sounds at the creative intersection where jazz, contemporary, rock and electronic music collide, with focus on the live and improvised.

Hotter Than July - a free, community focused world music festival in association with Dublin City Council, which celebrates Irish and international musicians in a diverse lineup celebrating the many cultures and communities that call Dublin their home. 


Our Mission:
To promote the development of jazz and improvised music in Ireland to maximize public access to this music.

To be a resource and community bridge for creative professionals and to devise and curate innovative music events that showcase the best Irish and international artists.

To act as a central source of information for music promoters, musicians and audiences on all matters relating to jazz and improvised music.

To create opportunities for Irish jazz and improvising musicians in Ireland and abroad and to work with international peer programmers to maximize opportunities for select Irish creative professionals.

To increase and sustain the profile of jazz and improvised music in Ireland and to enhance the status of musicians, composers and students of music.

To curate and produce bespoke live music events for select third party clients to the highest standards.

To promote and encourage the performance of jazz and improvised music, musical education and music appreciation. To promote knowledge and enjoyment of this music, through concerts, workshops, augmentation of existing tuition and related activities and to encourage the presentation of this music to the highest standards across all communications media.

To commission new works of music, to enter into agreements with composers, musicians and others for the presentation of their works and the presentation of music generally, to act as agents for musicians, to act as promoters and to provide services required by musicians.

Number of paid employees: 
1-5 employees
Current board size: 
Annual turnover: 
€250,000 - €500,000
Not-for-Profit focus: 
Arts, Culture, Heritage, Science



Office Address

68 Dame Street
Dublin 2