Dublin City Volunteer Centre

Dublin City Volunteer Centre

Not-For-Profit Information

Dublin City Volunteer Centre (DCVC) is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for volunteering in the Dublin city area. We provide information and support to people seeking to volunteer and provide advice, support and training to organisations to help them run successful volunteering programmes.

Our Vision: People in Dublin City are empowered to connect with and contribute to an
inclusive, vibrant and sustainable society through volunteering.

Our Mission: to promote the value of volunteering and increase the range and quality of volunteering in Dublin City in pursuit of our vision of a vibrant Irish society where every person feels connected to their community through active participation in voluntary activities.

Number of paid employees: 
6-10 employees
Current board size: 
Annual turnover: 
€250,000 - €500,000
Not-for-Profit focus: 
Local Community Development, Voluntary Work


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