CKU Centre for Counselling and therapy

CKU Centre for Counselling and therapy
19 Lord Edward Street
Dublin 2

Not-For-Profit Information

CKU CENTRE FOR COUNSELLING AND TERAPHY provides professional help and support to people and their families affected by addiction through psychotherapeutic treatment, addiction prevention, and integration with multicultural Irish community in order to prevent social exclusion. Service is offered mainly through Polish and English.

We believe that everyone has equal opportunity to live life without addiction.

CKU was set up in 2009. The organisation runs a Therapy Centre in Coolmine House 19 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2 and offers clinics at other locations. Our services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team supported by external supervisors.

Our experience has shown that integration initiatives and collaborating with the mainstream services bring many benefits to our clients; they get appropriate treatment and can access a wide range of supports to meet their needs. CKU collaborates closely with Locals Drugs Task Forces to improve service provision and policy.

Our goals:

  • To treat individuals suffering from diagnosed alcohol, drug or other addiction; co-dependents; children of alcoholics; people at risk of addiction.
  • To provide counselling for family members suffering from the consequences of alcohol/drug abuse;
  • To provide counselling and education for individuals and/or the families dealing with adaptation issues in the foreign country;
  • To provide special psychological support for women struggling with personal or family problems.
  • To increase awareness in the area of addiction and related problems;
  • To educate various groups of Polish people through seminars, workshops, lectures, media releases, presentations;

Our Services:

  • Therapy groups for People suffering from addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling and prescribed drugs)
  • Therapy groups for families
  •  Individual consultations for new clients
  • ndividual counselling sessions
  • Family and couple therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention workshop and prophylaxis
  • Crisis Interventions
  • Personal development workshops
  •  Workshops for women and for men
  •  Referrals to GP and Psychiatrist if necessary
  • Social events to promote pro-social behaviours
Number of paid employees: 
1-5 employees
Current board size: 
Annual turnover: 
€50,000 - €100,000
Not-for-Profit focus: 
Addiction Services, Support and Counselling


Office Address

19 Lord Edward Street
Dublin 2