Access 2000 Wexford

Access 2000 Wexford

Not-For-Profit Information

NCCWN - ACCESS 2000 Wexford is a Community Development Project which enables and encourages personal and social development in women who are economically or socially disadvantaged.

The Project is based at 2 Green Street, Wexford and provides a friendly space with an open door, welcoming participation by people who are most marginalised in our society. The Project also works with young people who have not availed of mainstream education, who are most distant from the labour market and targets women who experience multiple forms of exclusion and discrimination including travellers, refugees, asylum seekers, older women, women with disabilities and women parenting alone.

Number of paid employees: 
1-5 employees
Current board size: 
Annual turnover: 
€50,000 - €100,000
Not-for-Profit focus: 
Local Community Development, Education, Training & Research


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