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Trustee with Legal Experience

A legal practitioner with at least five years' experience as a solicitor or barrister who has or is in a position to acquire both a knowledge of charity law and how the Charities Regulator operates. He/She should:

  • (a) be able to recognise when there is a legal dimension to a matter under consideration at a monthly Zoom meeting
  • (b) familiarise himself/herself with all the legal and quasi-legal documents pertaining to the Dun Laoghaire Refugee and to make any recommendations considered appropriate

As we are all volunteers and there is nobody in paid employment, a knowledge of employment law is not necessary. Some knowledge of health and safety law would be helpful. We do not expect the trustee who is appointed to be able to have ready answers for all matters of a legal nature that may arise at a meeting.

We are a charity that I believe is very well run and our monthly meetings while very productive are also conducted in a very pleasant manner. We tend to be very supportive of each other.

Trustee with Legal Experience

Published on 05.04.2024

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