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The overall role of a treasurer is to maintain an overview of the Hive’s financial affairs, ensuring its viability and that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.  The role can also be undertaken by a finance sub-committee.  The role and person specification are summarized below.

General financial oversight:

    • To oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements,
    • To liaise with designated staff regards financial matters,
    • To ensure that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place,
    • To ensure compliance with relevant legislation,
    • To ensure any recommendations of the auditors are implemented,
    • To ensure accounts meet the conditions of contractual agreements with external agencies such as funders and statutory bodies.

Financial planning and reporting

  • To present financial reports to the Board of Management,
  • To make a presentation of the accounts at the annual genera meeting (AGM),
  • To advice on the Hive’s reserves and asset management,
  • To advise on the financial implications of the Hive’s strategic and operational plans.


  • To chair meetings of the finance sub-committee

Qualities and skills required:

  • Experience of financial control and budgeting,
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills,
  • A willingness to be contacted on an ah hoc basis,
  • Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed up.


Time Commitment Required:

The role of the treasurer requires an estimated commitment of four hours per month.