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Treasurer Croom Family Resource Centre

Primary function: The main role of the treasurer is to assist Croom Family Resource Centre in its duty to ensure sound financial management and to meet its obligations to account for the finances. The duties of the treasurer include: 

Typical Responsibilities 

  • Overseeing, preparing and presenting budgets, accounts and financial statements of the organisation 

  • Preparing and presenting understandable financial reports to the board (e.g. year-end financials, such as income and expenditure statements and balance sheets)  

  • Ensuring that the financial resources of the organisation meet its needs  

  • Ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place  

  • Liaising with relevant people about financial matters  

  • Monitoring cash flow position, helping to keep directors fully aware of the financial position of the organisation and the financial implications of its activities, new initiatives or projects.  

  • Preparing the annual accounts before these are passed to an independent auditor  

  • Presenting the annual accounts at the annual general meeting 

  • Ensuring adequate insurance cover is in place 

Treasurer Croom Family Resource Centre

Published on 03.01.2023

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