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Marketing Board Member


Theatre for Change Galway CLG is a community-based theatre company in Galway. The company uses the practices of Forum Theatre Applied Drama, and works with people in a range of community and educational settings. The practices of Applied Drama provide opportunities for cultural education, creative engagement and intercultural dialogue regarding issues related to social disadvantage and injustice. Through applied drama techniques, such as those of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, participants are facilitated to engage in various forms of creative expression. Through these forms of expression, participants develop capacity-building skills and skills in self-advocacy which can catalyse both personal and societal change.

General Trustee duties of a Charity Trustee

  • Comply with the company’s Constitution
  • Act in the best interest of the company
  • Act with reasonable care and skill
  • Manage the assets of the company in a prudent manner
  • Provide input to the strategic direction of the company
  • Contribute to a fundraising and marketing strategy that will allow the company fulfil its mission and aims
  • Contribute to policy formation and implementation
  • Be an authorised signatory of the company as required.

Marketing Role:

Theatre for Change Galway are seeking a trustee with a marketing background to develop and oversee the development and implementation of an integrated strategic fundraising and marketing plan to advance the work of the company.

The Responsibilities of the Marketing role include the following:

  • Create a fundraising and marketing strategy that will allow the company fulfil its mission and aims
  • Oversee the ongoing development of the company’s marketing and fundraising strategy in conjunction with the Board and the company’s artistic practitioners
  • Market the work of the company so as to reach a variety of audiences and enhance relationships with the wider community and arts sectors.

Board Meetings

There are quarterly meetings of the Board. Meeting are held in the ILAS, Galway University in person and where necessary online,

Marketing Board Member

Published on 25.03.2024

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