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The Organisation:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland was established to support, extend and improve wildlife rehabilitation resources in Ireland; promote awareness and education about Irish wildlife for the general public and for professionals working in this and adjacent fields; take any other action that will improve wildlife welfare and conservation in Ireland.

Our most challenging and exciting project at present is building Ireland's first Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital. The aim of which is to save the lives of thousands of injured wild animals, whilst promoting public respect and love for nature, & providing educational opportunities and therapeutic benefits to people who visit and work at the wildlife hospital.


General duties

• Comply with WRI’s governing document

• Ensure WRI is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit

• Act in the best interest of WRI

• Act with reasonable care and skill

• Manage the assets of WRI


The responsibilities of the Governance Director are as follows:

  • To ensure that WRI complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and other relevant legislation and regulations.
  • To ensure that all activities and expenditure are in pursuit of WRI's charitable objectives.
  • To contribute to decisions about WRI’s strategic direction and policy.
  • To ensure that WRI promotes equality & diversity in all aspects of its work and relationships.
  • To regularly review and evaluate the performance of the organisation, ensuring that WRI complies with requirements of the Charities Governance Code.
  • To oversee WRI’s financial affairs to ensure financial stability.
  • To ensure that the Annual Report and Accounts are produced and submitted on time.
  • To represent the Board of Directors if necessary, on internal disciplinary and complaints panels and on external bodies by agreement.
  • To offer induction to all new Directors in the policies, standards and practices of the organisation.
  • To offer training in specific policies or topics with which Directors may not be fully familiar.


Qualities and skills required

  • A high level of understanding and  interest  in  the  issues  WRI  seeks  to address / represent
  • Strong business and financial acumen
  • Experience of committee work 
  • Ability to understand complex strategic  issues,  critically  assess,  analyse  and resolve difficult problems
  • Sound, independent judgement, common sense and diplomacy
  • Clear understanding of the  legal  duties,  liabilities  and responsibilities of trustees
  • Sound knowledge of charity governance
  • A desire to implement the highest standards of governance


Board Meetings:

WRI have monthly board meetings and additional sub-committee meetings. Meetings are held via zoom at present, and will return to in-person meetings, with an optional zoom link, when Covid restrictions permit.


Registered Charity: 20142551

Company No. 555237