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Anew are seeking new directors to join the board. Directors are charged with the governance of the organisation, the role includes: value led leadership, strategic planning, risk manangement, maintaining financial sustainability and compliance while ensuring the charity operates to advance it's charitable purpose.

Anew's board meetings take place approximately eight times a year, on a Saturday morning, currently on Zoom. Face to face meetings are held either in Dublin or Kildare, however when restrictions ease we will maintain the online meetings and incorporate some face to face meetings. The CEO attends all board meetings.

There are currently two sub-committees of the board the Audit and Risk Committee and the Strategy Committee. Each of these committees are made up of at least two directors. The CEO and one senior staff member attends the sub-committee meetings.

Anew has declared full compliance to the Charities Regulator's Governance Code and it's current board includes directors with legal, management, risk, homeless services, property management and corporate backgrounds.