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Council Member (Director/Trustee) with Finance Experience

The Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) Council, is seeking to recruit a new Council member with finance experience, to join the Council in January 2024. The candidate should currently hold or have previously held a role at a senior level in a finance related role such as an accountant or financial controller. Experience of the Charities Statement of Financial Practice (SORP) would be of benefit. The candidate should also have a very good understanding/knowledge of and interest in the charity sector and the Charities Regulatory Authority. 

There are currently eight members on FLAC Council with one due to retire in early 2024. Council has eight members (8), the successful candidate for this role will be invited to join a Board committee.

All members of FLAC Council are Directors of Free Legal Advice Centres, which is a company, limited by guarantee and have duties as a Director under Company Law.

FLAC Council is committed to the principles that are set out in the Charities Governance Code.

Each Council member of FLAC is therefore understood to commit to:

  1. Advancing the Charitable Purpose of FLAC
  2. Behaving with integrity
  3. Leading people
  4. Exercising control
  5. Working effectively.
  6. Being accountable and transparent.

Time Commitment

FLAC council meets 8-10 times a year with three meetings in person per annum. Council meeting take pace both online and in person in FLAC Head Offices. The estimated time commitment of the Council member is 6-8 hours per month.  

Council member are expected to attend all meetings, although it is understood that there may be times where other events prevent attendance. Where appropriate, participation by conference call will be arranged.

The new board member would also be required to, provide supervision and support to the finance manager, in relation to; the finance report for council, SORP, the audit and investments and be a member of  audit and risk committee. The new board member preferably would be or have considerable experience an accountant/financial controller

The initial term of office for FLAC Council members is 3 years, with an opportunity to serve a second 3-year term subject to Council approval.  

Council Member (Director/Trustee) with Finance Experience

Published on 19.04.2024

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