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The chairperson has a strategic role to play in representing the vision and purpose of the Hive.  The chairperson’s role involves ensuring that: meetings are effectively run, all members are able to participate, decision making is clear and transparent, and that the Board and the Hive functions to standards of good practice.

Ensure the Board of Management functions properly:

  • To plan and run meetings in accordance with the governing document,
  • To ensure matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner,
  • To bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making,
  • To facilitate change and address conflict within the board,
  • To review governance performance and skills,
  • To plan for recruitment and renewal of the Board of Management.

Ensure the Hive is managed effectively:

  • To liaise with the Hive Manager, as appropriate, to keep an overview of the Hive affairs,
  • To co-ordinate the Board to ensure responsibilities for particular aspects of management (for example, personnel matters, financial control etc)  are met and specialist expertise employed as required,
  • To facilitate change and address conflict within the Hive, liaising with the Hive Manager to achieve this.

Provide support and supervision to staff:

  • To directly line manage the Hive Manager, including ensuring supervision is provided either personally or through a contracted arrangement,
  • To sit on appointment and final appeal grievance panels as appropriate.

Represent the Hive:

  • To communicate effectively the vision and purpose of the Hive.
  • To advocate for and represent the Hive at external meetings,
  • To be aware of current issues that might affect the Hive.

Qualities and skills required:

  • Sound understanding of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Management,
  • Good leadership skills,
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Impartiality, fairness and ability to respect confidences,
  • Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed up,
  • Good time keeping,
  • Experience of organisational and people management.

Time Commitment Required:

The role of the Chairperson requires an estimated commitment of five hours per month.