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Board Trustee

The Organisation:

CES believes that Ireland and Northern Ireland can and should have outstanding public services, and they are committed to playing a role in realising this vision. With nearly fifteen years of experience, CES collaborates with government departments and service providers to address significant challenges and enhance the lives of people in their communities.

CES is committed to improving the lives of individuals across the island of Ireland by supporting the implementation of high-quality public services through evidence-based policy and practice. CES strives to become a trusted partner in formulating, developing, executing, and evaluating public policies and services.

CES distinguishes its organisational approach by placing a strong emphasis on evidence from various domains, including thorough research, insights gleaned from frontline experiences, and feedback from the community. The commitment to achieving excellence is deeply rooted in a culture of continuous learning, which is openly shared with others. Through collaborative partnership strategies, CES ensures that client teams are equipped to progress and succeed long after their engagement.

The new CES Trustee should preferably have a background in serving or delivering for the public or civil sector, particularly demonstrating the ability to apply a perspective that encompasses Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Additionally, the CES Trustee should possess the ability to comprehend Knowledge Transfer, Translation, Dissemination, and Impact, and effectively utilise Research Methodologies and Ethics in their work.

Charities Regulator’s General Duties of a Charity Trustee

  • Comply with the Charity’s governing document.
  • Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit.
  • Acting in the best interest of the charity.
  • Act with Reasonable Care and Skill.
  • Manage the assets of your charity.

By being a trustee of the Centre of Effective Services, your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Providing input to the strategic direction of the organisation and contributing with insight, oversight, and experience at board meetings and any additional commitments
  • Policy development and implementation as required.

Essential/Desired Skills/Qualities required for these roles:

  • Highly knowledgeable in the Not-For-Profit sector.
  • An interest in CES's mission and values.
  • Committed to maintaining corporate governance standards.

Board Meetings:

CES conducts quarterly meetings that are planned a year in advance, in addition to an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held annually in March.

These boardroom meetings take place at the CES office on Upper Fitzwilliam Street and provide a two-hour session with both in-person and remote participation options. The Finance, Audit, and Risk meetings are scheduled a week prior to the other board meetings.