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Board Member

‘The main object for which Disability Federation of Ireland is established is to benefit the community by supporting the contribution, protecting the rights and valuing the role of persons with disabilities and disabling conditions in the community and encouraging their fullest participation in shaping a society that promotes the wellbeing and quality of life of such persons.’ Clause 3 of DFI’s Memorandum of Association.

DFI’s vision is an Ireland where people with disabilities are participating fully in all aspects of society.

DFI’s mission, as a federation of over 120 member organisations, is to work with it’s members working with people with disabilities to implement the UN CRPD and ensure their equal participation in society.

There are currently 10 people on DFI’s board of directors, nine of which are also DFI Company Members. There is space for three more Company Members to be co-opted to the board by the Directors.

Directors also have the power to appoint up to three additional persons to be Directors for the purpose of complimenting the skills and experience of the Board of Directors. Any Director co-opted in accordance with this shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting of the Federation following his or her appointment. The Directors may decide to nominate for election to the office of Director a person who has been appointed by them in the course of the previous year to be a Director. The next AGM will take place end of June 2024.

An induction for all new board members is planned to include at a minimum, introductions to other Board members and key staff, consideration of the Code of Conduct for Board members as well as the provision of an information pack including other key documents.

The Board is responsible for keeping an overview of the organisation’s direction and progress, assuring that the assets of the organisation are protected, ensuring that the organisation is accountable, and verifying that the organisation is operating legally. DFI’s Board Governance Manual supports members of the DFI Board to execute their duties as Directors of the Company. The manual is included in board members’ information packs.

Board Meetings

Over the course of a year, the deliberations of the Board will normally revolve around:

  • Evaluation of implementation of organisational plans.
  • Preparation for Annual, Strategic and Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Finance and audit.
  • Compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Board performance.
  • Other relevant issues.


The Board agrees an annual governance agenda to be dealt with throughout the year, which will set out the recurring matters for consideration at particular Board meetings.

The Board conducts an annual appraisal of its own performance, that of its Board and other committees, and that of individual Board members. Particular emphasis is given to the delegation of responsibilities, communication channels and methods, skill sets and skills gaps, training needs, Board planning of work, and relevant external factors (such as changes in legislation and regulatory frameworks).

The Board periodically develops a Strategic Plan in relation to the achievement of the Federations objectives. This plan must be approved by the Company Members. DFI’s current Strategic Plan is for the period 2022-2025.

The Board must also ensure that an Operational / Annual Plan is in place to implement the Strategic Plan. DFI’s current Operational / Annual Plan is for 2024.

Strategic General meetings and Annual General Meeting

Each year there are two Strategic General meetings and an Annual General Meeting. The Board must have regard for the policy decisions made by the Company Members and must report to Members at these meetings.


The Board can establish committees to assist it with the discharge of its responsibilities. At present, the committees are:

  • Governance Compliance Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Remuneration Model Working Group
  • Risk Management Working Group
  • CEO Retirement / Recruitment Working Group
  • Board Membership Support Committee

Board members are encouraged to sit on some of these committees. Committees normally meet six times per year.