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Board Member

KASA are looking to recruit volunteer board members who, can support the objectives of this important organisation. We welcome all persons interested in being involved in such an important service. Each volunteer board member will interact with their fellow board members to make decisions and guide the charity throughout the year and ensuring good governance, providing advice and support on the direction of the charity and voting in key positions (Chairperson, Secretary, etc.).

Other duties include -

Developing and approving strategic and organisational planning

Approving and monitoring the organisations programmes and services

Reading and approving the services policy documents as required

Assessing its own performance as the governing body of the organisation

Support the development of the service in Co Kilkenny

Prepare for, attend and conscientiously participate in board meetings - 8 yearly with generally 6 online and 2 in-person.

Help identify any connections, networks and resources that would assist the service in fully achieving its organisations mission.


Time Commitment

8 board meetings each year with 6 of them generally online and 2 being in-person.

Board Member

Published on 22.03.2023

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