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Trustee with Project Management- Business & Finance

The Local Governing Board (LGB)  role is:- 

a) participating in forming the major objectives and policies for the Center:

b) evaluating the Center's major plans and programs for achievement of the goals and objectives set by the Sisters of Charity (SCH) Board and SCH President:

c) establishing a suitable mechanism for conducting LGB business

d) appointing and evaluation LGB committees;

e) evaluating SCH's continuous quality improvement and quality care policies and assuring that appropriate quality assessment procedures are in place to identify, correct, and monitor the quality of care rendered at the Center; approving the Center's utilization review plans; and approving mechanisms to assure the provision of one level of care;

f) maintaining a qualified staff of health care professionals and assuring that appropriate credentialing procedures are in place;

g) monitoring and giving recommendations for financial stability;

h) setting and ensuring that the Center's policies are in accordance with these Bylaws and SCH policies and management directives.

i) ensuring compliance with appropriate accrediting and licensing agencies;

j) promoting the Center's image, services, and programs in the local community;

k) authorizing charity programs;

l) ensuring that the LGB actions are consistent with ethical decision-making concepts and in accordance with the mission, philosophy, and values of SCH and the principles of Catholic health care;

m) Evaluation stewardship of the center's assets;

n) advising the Center's administration regarding the needs of the local community;

o) participating in SCH's planning process for the Center;

p) approving LGB policies concerning relationships with other groups and organizations;

q) evaluation Center's performance and its own performance as a governing body;

r) approving an appropriate report of the financial activity of the Center for each fiscal year; 

s) Imput to the SCH President in the selection, removal, and evaluation of the Center Chief Executive Officer.



Trustee with Project Management- Business & Finance

Published on 29.02.2024

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