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Trustee to lead on Finance

Dual Diagnosis Ireland is currently seeking a suitable volunteer to carry out the role of Treasurer. Under the guidance of the Communications trustee (a chartered accountant) the Treasurer will be required to provide support  in line with best practice.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  1. General financial oversight
  2. Financial planning and budgeting.
  3. Financial reporting including providing finance reports at committee meetings and annual accounts
  4. Banking, book-keeping and record-keeping.(Cheque signatory)
  5. Delegated financial responsibilities.
  6. Working towards compliance with Charities Regulator Code
  7.  Completing annual Charities Regulator return
  8. Small grant application


This role description is intended to give an overview of the role. On occasion the Treasurer may take on additional duties by agreement.


The mission has been to

“Ensure people get the right type of treatment at the first time of asking”


The strategy has been informal- to raise awareness of dual diagnosis and best practises and take advantage of opportunities arising to do so.

Operating as a very small informal group of volunteers, DDI engages in the following activities

  • Raising awareness through website,  e-zines, lobbying, social media and responding to emails
  • Connecting key stakeholders e.g. Health Research Board to Carmha
  • Supporting families affected by DD using educational resources, knowledge  and advocacy
  • Occasional presentations at events or chairing events e.g dual diagnosis session at Oireachtas

Income is usually around €500 per year and accounts are maintained on excel. Charities return for 2019 has been completed.

What’s in for me?

  • Great opportunity in a supportive low risk  environment to learn about
    • Mental health and addiction
    • Charities Governance
    • Education and Campaigning
  • Just 4 meetings a year with most work performed remotely – emails- review documents, phone calls
  • Very relevant experience for your CV- we’re also currently developing our new strategy and you’ll provide input into this.
  • We are focused very busy people just like you and will make great use of your valuable time.

We’re open to a wide range of applicants who must be available to meet in Dublin 4 times a year. You may be a newly qualified accountant looking to develop your CV or retired and looking to give back to society.