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Public Relations Marketing and Communications Trustee


Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Trustee

 The Organisation:

We’re a charity, a social enterprise, an all-island of Ireland business – with a mission. To create a world-class community finance system that works tirelessly towards ensuring that positive social impact is felt – not just dreamt.

And we’re getting there.

Ever since we first opened our doors, in 1995,  we’ve worked with capital providers & clients to help see the change and make the change, across the Voluntary, Community and  Social Enterprise sector.

Today we’re the most progressive social finance provider on the island of Ireland, with a footprint in every community on the island.

But there’s still more to be done.

Dreamers Welcome

Our clients can see what’s missing in their communities and they can dream of the change needed. But making that dream a reality takes finding someone equally invested in social change. Us. Every loan we approve must have a convincing social impact attendant in it.

Collectively and through our unique partnership approach we can and do create social change and improve lives.

We’ve enabled all sorts of organisations and projects to successfully draw down the loans they needed to help make their vision become a reality.

General Trustee duties of a Charity Trustee

  • Comply with the Charity’s governing document
  • Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit
  • Acting in the best interest of the charity
  • Act with Reasonable Care and Skill
  • Manage the assets of your charity

The Role:

Community Finance Ireland are seeking a Public Relations Marketing and Communications  Executive with senior experience.  

Desirable Criteria

  • Not for profit, charitable or community development experience professionally or on a board. 
  • Understanding of social impact ethos advantageous.
  • Familiarity with new and social media channels advantageous.
  • Preference will be given to those with voluntary experience with a substantial professional network and ability and willingness to act in an ambassadorial capacity for CFI.


Responsibilities will include the following: 

Community Relations

This can involve partnerships, volunteer activities, philanthropic contributions and public participation including promotion of CFI, branding, consistency in messaging and identity.

Employee Relations

Communications with the employees of an organization

Government Relations

Communicating with legislatures and government agencies

Media Relations

Communicating with the news media, setting up and maintaining a professional and mutually beneficial working relationship with the media providing, expert information on behalf of CFI. This includes events, crisis communications, and stakeholder relations.

Public Affairs

Communicating with government and groups with regard to policies, action and legislation.

Board Meetings:

Currently there will be 6 board meetings per year. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month (10.30 – 12.30), every two months.  AGM usually held after June Board meeting.

Member expected to join 2 Subcommittees matched to specific skills and requirements.

Meetings are conducted in a Hybrid model, virtually, and in physical locations in both Northern Ireland (Belfast) and the Republic of Ireland.

Board meetings generally last 1.5 hr but scheduled for 2 hours.


Public Relations Marketing and Communications Trustee

Published on 02.04.2024

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