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Governance Trustee

 The Organisation: 

 Boardmatch is the only Irish charity that specialises in board recruitment for not for profit and charitable organisations. We match people looking to volunteer their time and skills at board level, with charities and not-for-profits that have board and committee vacancies.

We believe the balance of skilled voluntary trustees provides a not-for-profit with the necessary skills to respond to changes, meet the challenges of the sector and achieve strategic objectives.

Our core objective is building the governance capacity of not-for-profit boards. We have over 1,500 not-for-profits registered with us.

Established in 2005, by a strong board including Mary Redmond of Arthur Cox, Siobhan Toale of Bank of Ireland, Roger Acton of ACCA, Kieran Loughran of the Disability Federation of Ireland and Mary Davis of Special Olympics, we work to address the skills needs of the governing bodies of Not-For-Profits, and to date have facilitated the appointment of over 4,000 individuals to the boards of Not-For-Profits.

Charity Trustees:

  • Ensure compliance with the charity’s governing documents.
  • Ensure compliance with the charitable purpose of the organisation, for the public benefit.
  • Act with reasonable care and skill in the best interest of the charity.
  • Ensure responsible management of the assets of the charity.

Responsibilities of a Governance Trustee: 

  • Ensure the charity adheres to all practices as deemed standard according to the Charities Regulator including accounting practices, and management of the charity’s activities, human resources, and public engagement.
  • Assess risk and provide analysis pertinent to the activities of the charity.
  • Contribute to the strategic governance and succession planning of the charity.
  • Assist with the creation of plans, as necessary, which will comply with current legislation and governance best practice. 

The Role: 

Boardmatch is seeking a Director with significant Governance background as Trustee, who will also sit on the Governance and Nominations Committee.

We are looking for a current or former professional with significant governance experience, particularly from the not-for-profit sector. Excellent communication and leadership skills with strong knowledge of the charity and not-for-profit landscape in Ireland and a commitment to the highest level of corporate governance.

Our values of Trust, Integrity, Leadership, Vibrancy and Voice will align with your values. You have the skills, commitment of time and the experience as a Director or Trustee to give to the Board and to sit on the Governance and Nominations Committee. Specifically:

  • Oversee the yearly Charities Governance Code Compliance Report, and monitor implementation.
  • Develop relevant Governance documentation for consideration by the Board.
  • Advise the Board and the Management Team on issues related to governance.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of Boardmatch’s governance structures, processes, and policies.
  • Oversee and evaluate Board Performance.
  • Ensure that there is adequate training for all board members.
  • Maintain a succession plan for the Board, Committees, Chairperson roles, and Company Secretary
  • Manage the recruitment process for Board and Committees, role specifications, advertisement, reviewing and shortlisting applications, and managing the interview process and interview panels.
  • Bring proposals to the Board for appointments to Board and Committees
  • Ensure new Board and Committee members receive an induction programme
  • Undertake exit interviews with departing Board members


Desirable skills:

  • Have experience with governance in the charitable or public sector. Knowledge of areas such as Company and Charity compliance
  • Have good knowledge of the Charities Regulator Governance Code.             
  • Have the time, interest, and the commitment to fulfil the role.
  • Have a desire to implement the highest standards of governance.
  • Have excellent communication skills and be comfortable working as part of a team.

Board Meetings

Meetings are typically focus on delivery of the current strategy and these occur in  January, April, July, and October. Additional Budget meeting in the autumn and two or three ad-hoc meetings during the year as issues or opportunities arise.

If you meet our criteria, are self-motivated and interested in taking an active role to help us carry out our mission, we are keen to hear from you. 

Governance Trustee

Published on 30.11.2023

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