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Evaluations Committee Member

Clann Credo, established in 1996, is a community development and social investment organisation with a national remit.

Our purpose is to work and invest in communities and to develop sustainable community projects and services for the benefit of all.

We do this by providing advice, support and social finance to community groups, social enterprises, and charities throughout Ireland.  Since 1996, we have invested over €150m in community projects throughout Ireland.

Role of the Evaluations Committee

The Evaluation Committee is a sub-group of the Board of Directors with responsibility for reviewing and approving loan applications. In addition to the skills of finance and community development, the committee are seeking to add expertise in the following areas:

  1. A quantity surveyor/engineer to assist us with property valuations as part of our credit evaluation process.
  2. General Business/Financial Acumen – we are particularly interested in those who have knowledge of sustainability and the environment.

Essential Skills/Qualities required for this role

•  Experience and knowledge of the property landscape at senior level,

• An understanding of and commitment to our mission and values,

• Strong business acumen and analytical skills,

• Good communication and interpersonal skills

Time Commitment Required:

The Evaluations Committee meet approximately 10 times per year, typically on a mid-week morning with meetings lasting for up to two hours. These meetings are expected to continue on-line for the foreseeable future, and possible post-covid.

The current committee have a strong collaborative approach, so the ability to work well with others and at a fast pace is very important.


As part of the induction, new members are invited to attend meetings in an observer capacity prior to appointment. This allows everyone to get to know each other, and the prospective appointee to become comfortable with the organisation before final decisions are made.

What you might gain.

Sharing your skills and expertise to contribute to a future for the country and its communities in an organisation that is committed to using finance as an instrument for social justice.

Criteria for this Recruitment Process 

In making its decision, the board/evaluation committee will look for evidence of an existing interest, or preparedness to develop one, for the aims of the organisation; an ability to contribute to the cohesion the committee and evidence of competency in the disciplines of engineering/quantity surveying and finance.

Evaluations Committee Member

Published on 05.08.2021

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