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Evaluations Committee Member

Evaluation Committee Member

The Organisation:

Clann Credo, established in 1996, is a community development and social lending organisation with a national remit.

Our purpose is to work and lend social finance to communities focused on developing sustainable community projects and services for the benefit of all.

We do this by lending social finance and providing advice and support to community groups, social enterprises, and charities throughout Ireland.  Since 1996, we have invested over €150m in community projects throughout Ireland.  Our loan book is approximately €48m and we have over 600 customers/borrowers.

General Trustee duties of a Charity Trustee

  • Comply with the Charity’s governing document.
  • Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit.
  • Acting in the best interest of the charity.
  • Act with Reasonable Care and Skill.
  • Manage the assets of your charity.

The Role

Clann Credo is seeking to add expertise to our Evaluation Committee.  The Evaluation Committee is a subgroup of the board of directors with responsibility for reviewing and approving loan applications.

Essential Skills/Qualities required for this role.

  • An ability to identify social impact potential of community led projects,
  • Experience and knowledge of evaluating loan/grant applications,
  • An ability to identify solutions in a finance/business context,
  • An understanding of community development processes and challenges,
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills,
  • Solution orientation,
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.


As part of the induction, new members are invited to attend meetings in an observer capacity prior to appointment. This allows everyone to get to know each other, and the prospective appointee to become comfortable with the organisation before final decisions are made.

What you might gain.

Sharing your skills and expertise to contribute in an organisation that is committed to using social finance as an instrument to deliver sustainable community development and social good throughout Ireland.

Criteria for this Recruitment Process 

In making its decision, the board/evaluation committee will look for evidence of an existing interest, or preparedness to develop one, for the aims of the organisation, an ability to identify workable solutions and problem solve, and evidence of competency in the discipline(s) of either business, finance or banking.

Current Directors:

Jim Rourke                             Timothy Hoban                       John O'Callaghan

Gervaise Mcateer                   Rose Gargan                          Gerard Marshall

Michael White                         Jim Rourke                             Noel Lourdes

Mona Baker                            Derek McGrath                       Sr Grace Redmond

Board Meetings:

The Evaluations Committee meet approximately 8-10 times per year, typically morning time and lasting for up to two hours. These meetings are conducted on-line and in person. All members of the Evaluation Committee are voluntary.

Evaluations Committee Member

Published on 10.04.2024

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