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First Fortnight is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee governed by a Board of 7 – 12 Directors / Trustees.  The Board is seeking to recruit a Chairperson who will play an active role in leading the organisation working closely with the Board and the CEO.

The role of the Chair is to:

1. Provide leadership for the Board in fulfilling its governance duties

2. Ensure provision of accurate, timely and clear information to trustees

3. Liaise with, and provide support to, the CEO with regard to the organisation’s affairs overall

4. Plan the annual cycle of Board meetings and chair them

5. Ensure that decisions taken at Board meetings are implemented and that the organisation is run in accordance with the decisions made by the board of trustees

6. Ensure individual trustee and overall Board effectiveness

7. Set and conduct the annual appraisal of the CEO and support performance (with board support)

8. Maintain the focus and commitment of the board, including renewal and succession planning

9. Ensure the performance of the board as a whole and for individual trustees is reviewed at least annually

10. When necessary, lead the process of recruiting the CEO (and possibly other members of the senior management team)