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Charity Trustee with a Finance and Compliance Background

BEST is seeking new Trustee with a Finance and Compliance Background

If you have skills and experience in financial management or accountancy that you want to share while playing a key role in supporting BEST, we want to hear from you. 

The Board are particularly interested in individuals with relevant experience or knowledge of educational disadvantage, trauma informed approach and or the Ballymun community.

BEST SCP Ballymun Educational Support Team is a charity (CRA No. 20042783) and company limited by guarantee (Company No. 296594) based in Geraldstown House, Ballymun, Dublin. Principle activities consist of developing and implementing programmes to benefit and stimulate young people with a view to tackling early school leaving and to provide supportive measures which will maximise participation in the education system.

BEST supports targeted children (and their families) in eight schools in the Ballymun area with the following services:

  1. Targeted intervention to children and young people with significant support needs who have been identified through the SCP intake framework.
  2. Highly targeted intervention to Out of School young people and their families with complex needs.
  3. Evidence based informed intervention at a universal level to the whole class/whole school group.

General duties of a Charity Trustee

• Comply with the Charity’s governing document

• Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit

• Acting in the best interest of the charity

• Act with Reasonable Care and Skill

• Manage the assets of your charity

Responsibilities relating to Finance and Compliance will include the following:

  • To have accounts experience, preferably with a ACA or CIMA qualification, and ideally with some management experience
  • To have a deep insight into all Financial policies and controls and propose any recommendations for change.
  •  To have oversight of compliance and risk management in the organisation.
  •  The Director will be appointed to the Finance committee of the organisation. Their role will be to evaluate and monitor the adequacy of Financial controls and procedures and ensure the organisation is compliant with best practice principles.
  •  Have an overview of the finances to advise the Board on financial implications of proposals, cash flow problems etc.
  •  To be an authorised signatory of Charity and potential to fill Treasurer position on the Board.

General Responsibilities will include the following:

• Providing input to the strategic direction of the Not-For-Profit and contributing with insight, oversight, and experience of strategy formulation in the sector.

• Policy formation and implementation as required Essential Skills/Qualities required for these roles:

• A deep appreciation and knowledge of the Not-For-Profit sector

• An understanding of and commitment to our mission and values

• Commitment to highest levels of corporate governance

Board Meetings:

There will be no less than six board meetings and relevant sub-committee meetings per year.

In person meetings are held in the BEST Unit, Geraldstown House, Ballymun or online via TEAMS

For more information / to express interest please email:

Charity Trustee with a Finance and Compliance Background

Published on 18.04.2024

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