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Mr Sands Youth Theatre is seeking a chairperson for our committee.

Mr Sands Youth Theatre is a pioneering youth arts company led by theatremakers Zita Monahan McGowan and Casey Hallahan. Since 2017 we have gone from strength to strength as an engaging and artistically visionary space in youth arts in Ireland.

We hold an open door policy and welcome young people from all walks of life aged 12 to 17, with an aim to give them a world-class experience in drama, as well as give them a space to be themselves, make new friends, and discover their passions.

The group have explored many different types of performance, including immersive promenade theatre, stage plays, audio dramas, podcasts and short films. We have participated in The National Theatre Connections (an international Youth Theatre festival) and The Transmission, a Creative-Europe funded youth audio drama initiative.
Mr Sands Youth Theatre is supported by the Arts Council, Wicklow Arts Office, and the KWETB.

The Chairperson will have the following responsibilities:

-Attendance at committee meetings (over Zoom, generally around 30 minutes in length)

-Liaising with the Managing Director and Artistic Director with regards to the trajectory of the youth theatre

-Signing off on funding applications where necessary when they have been prepared by the Managing Director and Artistic Director

-Assisting Managing Director and Artistic Director in review of Child Protection and Data Protection, to ensure best practice is maintained