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Volunteers for Equality & Human Rights Committee

Equality and human Rights Committee (voluntary post)

Candidates being sourced to participate on St. John of God Liffey Services Equality and Human Rights Committee. This is a voluntary position requiring approximately two hours commitment per month. Administrative support will be available to both the Committee and the Chair. St. John of God Liffey Services is part of St. John of God Community Services clg. and supports in excess of 700 people with intellectual disabilities and sometimes additional physical disabilities who access the service. St. John of God Liffey Services supports people in South West Dublin and North Kildare.

The Equality and Human Rights Committee's role is the following:

Supports the service provider in the promotion and protection of equality and rights. This involves the identification of rights restrictive practices, conducting due process reviews and a commitment to the removal of rights restrictions for people availing of the service. If a safeguarding issue comes to the attention of the committee, the committee must ensure that the safeguarding process being followed with immediate effect.  Assists management in ensuring equality and rights are promoted and that rights and equality promotion and protection strategies are evident and effective within their services. This is supported through practice support, information sharing, education and training.  To share good practice in rights promotion and protection.  To afford due process reviews for present or proposed rights restrictions.  Ensure that there is a mechanism available to monitor and record data on rights and rights restrictions/infringements/violations that are referred to the Equality and Human Committee.  Acts as an interface between the Individual supported whose rights are restricted and the organisation. Makes recommendations to the Regional Directors.

Volunteers for Equality & Human Rights Committee

Published on 16.03.2023

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