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Volunteer Board Member – Administrative/Marketing

NCCWN-ACCESS 2000 Wexford is seeking to fill Board vacancies with volunteer Board Members who will drive the Project forward to ensure it continues to positively impact the lives of women who experience disadvantage and marginalisation. 

The responsibility of the Administrator/Marketing Board member is to provide information that will promote a positive public image for the Project and its campaigns. This would include monitoring and managing social media within the Project and overseeing the administrative and communications aspect of the Project. The Board Member will need at least one years’ experience in the community, voluntary and/or adult education sector.

Board members perform a range of duties, including:

  • complying with the NCCWN-ACCESS 2000 Wexford governing documents and policies;
  • acting in the best interest of NCCWN-ACCESS 2000 Wexford;
  • committing to the highest levels of corporate governance;
  • providing input to the strategic direction of the Project;
  • utilising existing knowledge and appreciation of the community, voluntary and/or adult education sector;
  • developing and implementing a marketing strategy;
  • formulating and implementing any recommendations regarding Project administration to ensure the efficient operation of the Project;
  • developing the Project’s brand to enable it to fulfil its mission and aims.

There will be 11 Board meetings a year which members are required to attend. These are held at 2 Green Street, Wexford.

Volunteer Board Member – Administrative/Marketing

Published on 29.07.2020