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Trustees with expertise in Company and/or Family Law

The Irish Foster Care Association (IFCA) is the national organisation that supports foster families and the wider fostering community. We advance and promote best practice in foster care through support, learning and advocacy.

IFCA values- The Rights of the child; The role of family in a child's life; Respect, compassion, and kindness; Effective partnerships and open communication; Innovation and Research.

The Role

IFCA's Board is comprised of 12 Trustees, the longest one third are required to seek re-election each year or step down from the board having served a term of six years. New directors are nominated for election and elected at IFCA's AGM each year. Our Board strives to meet the requirements of the Charity Regulator in having the appropriate skill set within our Board.

IFCA are seeking to add to existing expertise on the Board and Committees and welcomes expressions of interest from those who have a background in Company Law and Family Law. If you are passionate about the rights of children, and would like to support IFCA's work, we would love to hear from you.

General Trustee duties of a Board Director Charity Trustee

• Comply with the Charity’s governing document

• Ensuring charity is complying with its charitable purpose for the public benefit

• Acting in the best interest of the charity

• Act with Reasonable Care and Skill

• Manage the assets of your charity

Responsibilities of a Legal Charity Trustee include the following:

• Inputting to the strategic direction, contributing with insight, oversight, and experience of strategy formulation in other sectors.

• Act as Legal Counsel, assisting on legal aspects of the organisation and pertaining to best practice

• Assist with the creation of strategic plans which will comply with current legislation and practice

Board Meetings

The Board hold evening meeting every 6 weeks. The Board are currently meeting online and would envisage that on-line meetings will continue.

Trustees with expertise in Company and/or Family Law

Published on 08.09.2021

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