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Trustee with Medical Experience

HHT is a rare blood-vessel disease and our organisation HHT Ireland aims to raise much-needed awareness within our community - both in families & in the medical world! Therefore it would greatly help if any interested applicant would have previous experience and knowledge in the body's Vascular system.

The role would include working with other Trustees to create a greater awareness of HHT within the medical profession, including our local Drs, Dentists and hospitals.

The applicant would

  • Act as advisory member on clinical governance within the organisation
  • Provide the Board and especially the Communications team with medical knowledge and answer the team's medical questions
  • Would be occasionally asked to review some medical content
  • Work on gathering and building the knowledge of HHT thanks to his/her own experience and by reading or attending medical events related to HHT
  • Regularly share this knowledge through reports, presentations, or other type of content that will be made available to the other teams 


This is a wonderful opportunity for someone to be involved as we make  HHT a much better-understood and recognised disorder!

95% HHT patients go undiagnosed, you can help us change that! 

Trustee with Medical Experience

Published on 14.09.2020