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Trustee/Director with HR experience

Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups:  Board Position Profile - HR

About the organisation:

Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups (Carmichael) established in 1990 is Ireland’s first and largest shared services and support centre for nonprofits. The Centre consists of 13,700 square feet of office space located in Dublin’s North Inner City. The Centre is currently home to 43 different nonprofit organisations many of whom are directly involved in providing opportunities for social inclusion for their members and beneficiaries who are affected by a disability or health condition/event. In addition to supporting its resident members, it also provides training and organisational supports to 1000s of nonprofits around the country.

We provide the following training, supports and services to nonprofits nationwide


  • Scheduled Training
  • Customised Training & Consultancy
  • E-Learning
  • Consultancy support


  • Board Chairs Network
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Good Governance Awards
  • Resources (guidance documents and templates)


  • Office Accommodation
  • Meeting Rooms/Hospitality
  • Payroll and Accountancy
  • Office Administration

Carmichael is a proven model and an excellent example of delivering value for money. Our objectives and activities are aligned and supportive of national policy on providing training and other technical supports to nonprofit organisations, best practice in corporate governance and in the promotion of shared back-office operations.

The Position

The board of Carmichael following a recent skill needs review and the upcoming retirement at 2020 AGM of a board member who will have completed her membership term, is seeking to recruit a new board member with strong HR skills. The candidate would ideally be an experienced senior manager in a HR role and someone who has a very good understanding of and interest in the nonprofit sector.

There are currently 9 members on the Board of Carmichael Centre. The maximum size of the board is 12. Eight Board Directors are elected by the Centre’s Resident Member organisations and 4 Directors can be co-opted by the Board.

The board meets around 6 times a year. All of the board meetings are held in Carmichael House, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7 from 5pm-7pm. The new board member would also be required to be a member of the Risk & Governance Committee which meets about 5 times a year in the national office. 

Current Board members

Tony Kelly (Chairperson)

Tony is a partner with the accountancy and business advisory firm PKF.

Gerry Culligan (Vice Chairperson)

Gerry Culligan is Commercial Director with Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail.

Michael Kavanagh (Treasurer)

Michael is the CEO of The Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI).

Elaine McGauran

Elaine is a Community Project Manager at Innovate Communities.

Christina Donnelly

Christina is the National Coordinator of Chronic Pain Ireland.

Gerry Egan

Gerry Egan is a Consultant and Trainer specialising in corporate governance, data protection and GDPR compliance, and strategy development.

Clodagh O’Brien

Clodagh is a partner in Crowe’s Consultancy department.

Joe Ritchie

Joe is the Principal of Donal M Gahan Ritchie & Company Solicitors.

Margaret Rogers

Margaret is the CEO of Heart Children Ireland.

Trustee/Director with HR experience

Published on 21.09.2020