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Trustee with Communications & Publicity experience

Commitment Expected:

Each Trustee is expected:

  • To promote & work towards the objectives of the company as defined in the Memorandum of Association.
  • To contribute to the future direction & strategic planning of the organisation therefore enabling it to further achieve its objectives.
  • To be objective & honest in their dealings with the Board.
  • To attend and contribute to all meetings.
  • To use their specific skills, knowledge or experience to contribute to decision making in the best interests of the organisation.
  • To treat matters within the organisation as confidential and abide by decisions taken. Members should not seek to undermine any previous decisions.
  • To be responsible for staff. This includes recruiting of staff as well as support & supervision of staff.
  • To attend occasional functions and events to represent the centre.
  • Supporting Compliance with the Governance Code


    • 5-6 meetings are held per annum. This includes the AGM.
    • Advance notice of dates will be given
    • Meetings are held in Sligo Town (holding online currently)
    • Meetings are usually held morning time during the working week. (This may change depending on make up of the Board

Additional duties specific to the Communications and Public Relations role:

  • Supporting the Volunteer Centre Manager in the development of a communications plan for Sligo Volunteer Centre.
  • Providing general expertise and advice on all matters relating to communications and public relations.
  • Taking an active role in relevant sub-committees established by the board.
  • Acting as the board spokesperson for Sligo Volunteer Centre from time to time

We value having a diverse Board that reflects as many different people in our communities as possible. To achieve this , we are particularly open to applications from younger members of our community and people from diverse backgrounds. 

Trustee with Communications & Publicity experience

Published on 14.07.2020