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Trustee with Arts Experience

First Fortnight is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee governed by a Board of 7 – 12 Directors / Trustees.  The Board is seeking to recruit a new Director / Trustee who has direct experience and extensive knowledge of the Artistic Community in Dublin and Ireland.

Director / Trustee responsibilities include:

1. Ensuring that the organisation complies with its Articles of Association or other governing document; charity law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations

2. Further the charitable objects of the organisation in the pursuit of public benefit

3. Ensure that the policy and practices of the organisation are in keeping with its charitable objects 4. Formulate and regularly review the strategic objectives of the organisation, in collaboration with the CEO

5. Take legal and financial responsibility to safeguard the assets and the continuity of the organisation

6. Be satisfied that financial information is accurate and that controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible

7. Act always in the interests of the organisation and its beneficiaries

8. Safeguard the wellbeing of the employees

9. Take appropriate professional advice in matters where there may be a significant risk to the organisation or where the trustee could be in breach of their duties

10. Ensure proper procedures are undertaken in the appointment and performance monitoring of the CEO (and possibly other members of the senior management team)

In carrying out the collective responsibilities of the Board the individual trustee should:

1. Be properly inducted and continue to seek ongoing training to ensure he/ she remains aware of their duties and responsibilities and wider sector developments

2. Declare conflicts of interest, and exercise independent judgement at all times

3. Be an active advocate for the organisation

4. Represent the Board/organisation at meetings and events, and act as spokesperson when requested by the CEO

5. Contribute to the development of business strategy through constructive challenge and contributing ideas

6. Scrutinise performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives, and monitor the reporting of performance

7. Attend monthly Board meetings at First Fortnight offices on 12 Earl Street South, Dublin 8.  Board meetings usually take place on a Monday, 7pm – 9pm.