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Trustee with Accounting/Audit, Legal, Fundraising or Digital Marketing Experience

About FirstLight

FirstLight (originally Irish Sudden Infant Death Association) is a long-established national charity providing professional crisis intervention and counselling services to parents and other family members impacted by the unexpected death of a child. The core staff team is located within the Carmichael Centre in Dublin 7. The clinical staff supported by 60 plus outsourced therapists across 22 counties provide free therapeutic services to suddenly bereaved persons. Services include crisis intervention, one-to-one adult and teen counselling, couple counselling, psychoeducation to parents with surviving children, Play Therapy and a 24/7 Helpline. See

FirstLight’s Vision

The sudden loss of a child is one of the most unimaginable pains a family can experience. Every year in Ireland, children die suddenly, unexpectedly and often without explanation. FirstLight’s vision is that any parent or family suddenly bereaved will be treated with compassion and will be impacted positively through timely access to crisis intervention and professional/clinical therapeutic services.

FirstLight’s Mission

FirstLight’s mission is to support the delivery of appropriate professional/clinical therapeutic services to suddenly bereaved parents and family members in Ireland. 

FirstLight’s Values

Compassion, empathy, respect and hope govern FirstLight’s work.

Since 1976, FirstLight has been supporting families through their darkest moments, helping them find the first flicker of hope…their FirstLight!

Board Role with FirstLight

Successful applicants for Board membership will:

  • Have an empathy with FirstLight’s mission and objectives and a values-driven approach to work based on integrity and service.
  • Possess the experience and skills necessary to guide the development of FirstLight in pursuit of the organisation’s mission.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please send your application to CEO Fionnuala Sheehan at   

Trustee with Accounting/Audit, Legal, Fundraising or Digital Marketing Experience

Published on 13.09.2022

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