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14th Galway Scout is developing a new Trustee Council as a charity and is looking for outside trustees to add experience and expertise to our Group.

14th Galway  Scout Group, a totally voluntary organisation of over 200 members, is a dynamic and growing group who has been active providing outdoor scouting throughout the pandemic and has seen large membership growth over the period. Scouting is currently very relevant with the lost of emotional and social development amoung young people and an a primarly outdoor movement is a safe youthwork provider.

Our Trustee Council oversee the Group ensuring its resources are managed properly and are adequate to deliver on the Group's mission to provide Scouting to the young poeple of the western suburbs of Galway city. The Trustee Council along with the Group Leader (club manager) ensures the Group maintains and follows best practice policy and its charted agreement with Scouting Ireland ensuring the safety of all its members while allowing for its aim of the development of young people. 

The trustee council will be responsible for the our movment from an associated club to an non-for-profit incorporated clg structure as we work on our permise buidling project.   

The Trustee Council meets formally 6 times a year ( a mix of in person and online meetings) and attend the AGM of the Group. Outside of meetings communcation is through email and whatsapp for urgent unscheluded business. 

Trustees are encoruaged to become part of the Group's Life and to visit events. This allows trustees to meet informally with volunteers and youth members to directly see policy in action and to ensure a connection between trustees and the Group.